Classical Guitars and copies

The basic price for a classical guitar from me is 6.600 Euro, typically featuring a spruce-top and Alessi tuning machines.

Fancy decorative features or special woods come extra, as does a (standard or custom-made) hardcase. I prefer to leave the choice of the most fitting case to the customer, but I am of course available if help is needed with the order of a custom-made case. This procedure de facto helps to keep costs down, as I do not put a profit margin on top of the case's price.

Prices include no VAT, in accordance with article 293b of the French General Tax code.

Classical six-string guitars

I propose classical guitars of my own design, slightly smaller than what may be considered the modern standard, and with very little concession to whatever today's Zeitgeist might be.

A good guitar is one that appeals to the player's senses, and inspires creativity. Though partly subjective, these are qualities that outlast(ed) any fashion. 

I finish my instruments using natural products only: shellac, gelatine and bee wax. And in accordance with an ancestral tradition, not only in lute-, but also in guitar-making, I do NOT varnish my soundboards (except on special request).

The basic price of the "Octave"-model is 7.500 Euro, featuring a composite "wood on wood"-top and "Pegheds"(TM). Fancy decorative features or special woods come extra, as does a standard or custom-made hardcase (see above).

Classical guitars with additional bass strings

As one may gather from various sections of this website, I am especially interested in guitars with additional bass-strings, both free-floating, or above the fretboard. My new model "Octave" is a result of this particular interest, and was especially designed as an 8-string classical guitar. It could be adapted to 7 or 9 strings, but I think it is a great guitar as it is.

The lyre-shaped head - and the distinctive mark of this model -, is equipped with Pegheds(TM), which make tuning nearly as accurate and easy as modern tuning machines.

Basic price of the baroque model loosely based on Koch is 4.800 Euro, that of the 8-string guitar after Anton Stauffer is 6.000 Euro, both featuring either custom-made traditional wooden pegs or "Pegheds"(TM), depending on the customer's choice. Fancy decorative features or special woods come extra, as does a custom-made hardcase (see above).

Other models on demand.

Copies of historical guitars

Although historical guitars have been one of my major interests in life for a very long time now, I do not consider myself as a specialist maker of historical copies. On customer demand mostly, I built copies after models by Torres, Esteso, Panormo and others, but the one model I stuck with is a small baroque guitar after Koch (Venise 1640, cf. the references section on this site). I probably could also be talked into making another copy of the 8-string guitar by Anton Stauffer, an instrument I once owned (and which is represented in Stauffer & Co.).

Order and delivery schedule

To confirm an order, I ask for a deposit of 20% of the final price. This deposit is refundable in full, if the finished instrument, for whatever reason, does not meet the customer's expectations.

Delivery time depends on a project's specifics, and my availability at a given period. Typically, I am able to deliver a new guitar 18 to 24 months after the 20% deposit cleared. Each project is based on a written estimate, which clearly indicates refund conditions and delivery schedule.