Virtual tour(s)

Some views of the museum.

"Journées de la guitare" (Toulouse 2023): opening the festival, my lecture on the history of the guitar, illustrated in music by the students of the French "pôles supérieurs" and the CNSM. 

Pictures by Monique Boutolleau.

The turning of a wooden peg after a historical model. Featuring my friend Philippe Dyon, wood turner and ace dialectician in Sigy-le-Châtel (France). 

If you wish to continue this virtuel visit(s), you may for example visit the websites of the following friends:

Benoît Albert - guitar player, composer, teacher at the Conservatoire à Rayonnement Régional (C.R.R.) and the Pôle Supérieur (I.S.D.A.T.):

Bernhard Kresse - guitar maker:

Gregg Miner - collector, researcher, specialist of the harp-guitar:

Jan Tuláček - guitar maker and player:

Petra Poláčková - guitar player:

Jeff Wells - collector, researcher:

La Galerie des Luthiers - guitar dealers:

Éditions Habanera (Antonin Vercellino) - publications for and about the guitar:

The book by Catherine Marlat on René Lacote:

The website of my longtime friend and co-author, Prof. Stefan Hackl:

Elena dal Cortivo, parchment roses for musical instruments :

Malaurie Auliac, paper restorer and painter :