Erik Pierre Hofmann

Master guitar maker, restorer, expert & publisher


Classical guitars of my own design, either in standard 6-string configuration or with additional bass strings. 

Baroque 5-course guitar loosely based on an instrument by Christoph Koch; copies of Anton Stauffer 8-string guitar and Pierre-René Lacote heptacorde.

Restoring & Appraising

Restoration, expertise and sale of historical guitars from the 17th to early 20th centuries.

Guitars for sale

Historical guitars restored by myself and very occasionally guitars of my own production. 

Although this is a non-exhaustive and only rarely updated selection, instruments that are not marked "sold" should still be available.

Contact me for additional informations (see form at the bottom of this page). 


Original publications relating to the guitar by Les Éditions the Robins, my own publishing company.

Also introducing two friendly publishing companies: DGA-Editions and Éditions Habanera.


Books and scores currently available.

References and more

Videos, audio samples and links related to my guitars or publications.

Iconographic stock

In collaboration with bridgeman, I am making part of my iconographic collection focused on the guitar available for your projects (books, flyers, record covers etc.).

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