DGA Editions

DGA Editions are a division of Digital Guitar Archive. They are located in Texas and focus on the music and history of important 19th century classical guitar composers.

In Search of Sagrini

In Search of Sagrini is a complete biography of the 19th century guitarist Luigi Perret Sagrini. It is the result of research over many years by both authors to uncover the life story of a guitarist who was famous in his time, but mostly forgotten after his death.

Luigi Sagrini was a child prodigy on guitar who first performed at the age of eight years old in 1817. In Paris when he was sixteen years old he performed in concert with Liszt and published his first seven opus numbers for guitar. His opus 4 was dedicated to Luigi Legnani, and Legnani in turn dedicated his opus 9 and opus 32 to Sagrini. After arriving in London in 1829 he continued publishing and performing for many years. Due to declining health he stopped performing and devoted his time to teaching and publishing songs with guitar accompaniment.

Bernard Lewis and Robert Coldwell, hardcover, A4, 338 pages

The Music of Luigi Sagrini

This separate tome includes 24 located copies of works by the 19th century guitarist Luigi Perret Sagrini published from 1825 to 1850. There are works for solo guitar, duo guitar, as well as guitar and piano. Additionally a work for guitar and piano by the guitarist Wilhelm Neuland is included at the end as it mentions it was "performed by Mr. L. Sagrin & the Author." Sagrini published over 50 songs with guitar accompaniment which are not included in this volume. The music catalog in the introduction lists details for all the works in the volume as well as all songs.

Robert Coldwell, softcover, A4, 282 pages

Ivan Padovec - First & Second Concertinos

This is the first edition of 19th century guitarist/composer Ivan Padovec's Second Concertino for terz guitar, 2 violins, viola and cello. The manuscripts were discovered in the collection of Karl Scheit, one of the most important guitar teachers and publishers in the latter half of the 20th century.

Edited by Stefan Hackl, 50 pages (including violin I and II, viola and cello parts), digital edition

Napoléon Coste: Composer and Guitarist in the Musical Life of 19th-Century Paris

Born in 1805 as the son of an officer in the Napoleonic army, Coste went to Delfzijl, Holland with his father as a child of 8. In 1813 the French withdrew from this fortress, passing the Zuiderzee and the Rhine. Later, he would dedicate his Souvenirs to these places. He grew up in Valenciennes, where he already developed musical activities. In December 1828 he settled in Paris and made his career, giving concerts, lessons and composing...

This biography is the retail edition of the narrative part of the English translation of Ari van Vliet's dissertation upon the subject.

Ari van Vliet, 338 pages, digital edition