I created Les Éditions des Robins in 2011 in order to publish Stauffer & Co. (co-written with Pascal Mougin and Stefan Hackl). I was well aware that no publisher would mingle with a book so large that it could not even be manufactured in Western Europe, and so specific that it would address only to a restricted public. Although the experience was highly challenging, some aspects of the book production process appealed to me enough to reiterate. This is how two years later, I published the collection of Schubert songs from Franz von Schlechta's manuscript (edited by Stefan Hackl), and exactly 10 years after the first release The Renewed Guitar came out. A book which, to this day, I consider to be my best work.

In addition to these ambitious paper publications, Les Éditions des Robins also proposes free articles in digital form, covering various aspects of the guitar's history.

Just like Les Éditions des Robins, DGA Editions is a one-man-business, owned and run by Robert Coldwell. We were introduced in around 2008 by my co-author Stefan Hackl as we had started working on Stauffer & Co. - Robert was very helpful, generously sharing some of his findings with us. He later became a customer of mine, since he bought three antique Viennese guitars I restored. It soon became quite clear that our small publishing houses had a few things in common, not least the fact that our publications appeal to a large extent to the same public. This is how the idea came up to present each other's publications on our respective websites. Of course, we remain independent entities, and orders are handled separately.