(my) Music

I have been writing music since the age of 13, in (nearly) complete secrecy. I faintly recall that, very early on, I was bold enough to put a few pages into the hands of a local clavecinist - who, quite understandably, never got back to me. But still, for a very long time, I did not consider anything I wrote worthy to confront the public (whoever that may be). Nor have I ever been able to just play my music for somebody. In retrospect, I understand that I was too insecure to face any kind of criticism concerning something so dear to me. Anyway. The output of nearly 30 years boils down to a few surviving pages and 2 or 3 odd tapes, recorded around the age of 20 with one sympathetic accolyte or another. Personal memorabilia, rather than anything of substance.

But in 2012, things changed. I experienced something which I can best describe as a close sequence of truely inspired moments. I suddenly found myself standing before a very generous well - at a precise time of my life, when I quite frankly had nothing better to do, than to haul up as many buckets as possible from it. A few years later, I have a few complete scores, and some more well on the way. And, surprisingly enough - to me, as to anyone who knows me -, I now feel a very strong urge to get that stuff played and recorded. So, maybe I will have something to share here one day. Right here, in the open.

Don't hold your breath, though, dear reader. You certainly have a great deal of projects yourself, and there is more than enough music out there to feed us all.

But I like the idea that you might be just a little bit intrigued, though.